About Us


Dimanja Bumi

Pampered by earth

Pronounced [di·mɑːn·dʒɑː] [bu·mi]

We felt the name, Dimanja Bumi, reflects the essence of our brand and our line of products because for us nature was the starting point. We believe that the earth has pampered us with a wide array of botanicals that can nourish our skin. Our intention is to tap into the diversity of plants and create products that embody the simplicity and effectiveness of plant-based ingredients. To this end, we design products by combining the enduring wisdom of tradition, the knowledge of herbalism & precision of science.

Through skincare we also wanted to create an offering that would not only elevate the experience of skincare as a time for self-care but also be a way we can reconnect with nature.

We are also aware that our connection with nature also means that we are responsible to this earth. As part of our contribution, as much as we can, we use less-waste packaging such as glass which can be reused and repurposed.  We also only use vegan ingredients because frankly, there is no need for animal-based products in our pursuit for beauty.


Our ingredients make up an important aspect of our process because in our view making artisanal skincare is more than just creating a product; it involves building a relationship with the botanicals. In addition to selecting unique, premium ingredients, it is the careful study of them that guides us in shaping the products – products that reflect the synergy of the plants and provide nourishment to the skin.

Making products in small batches helps us in keeping an eye on the details and monitoring the consistency.  Small batches also ensure that the products we make are fresh which enhances the experience for the user.



Our products are rooted in our love for botanicals and inspired by our quest to understand the concept of beauty.  The blog is a space where we’d like to share our musings on our formulation journey and our love for beauty.

Some of the things our blog will cover include:

  • Thought process behind crafting a product
  • Botanical discoveries (because at the end of the day, it is the ingredients that make the product)
  • Our reflections on the question of beauty and its connection with wellness
  • DIY recipes that you can try at home and indulge in.